We have been busy little bees here during the last year building a rather splendid (even if we do say so ourselves) outdoor kitchen. The idea behind our outdoor kitchen was to create a space that could be used to host workshops after the pre-pandemic success of our Smoking and Curing Workshops.

We have incorporated a hand built, wood fired, brick oven which is wonderful for all kinds of outdoor baking and cooking – not just pizzas! It also features an offset smoke box so we can use it for smoking. We also have a Savage BBQ Fire cage with a firebox, asado grill and rotisserie. This is really a very versatile piece of kit that can be used for everything from hanging dutch ovens on for slowly simmering to reverse searing beautiful piece of meat.

Added to that we have a Kamado Joe BBQ and a classic firepit all at our disposal.

We really want to connect people back to our roots, to the land and the food they eat and to give participants the confidence to try cooking using fire, to try different methods of preserving including jams, chutneys and pickles and to teach people the simple wonders of smoking. All using as many seasonal ingredients as we can grown in our own kitchen garden and polytunnel and surrounded by the beautiful, wild Welsh countryside.

We are launching our first release of workshop dates this week. Workshops available are:

  • Smoking & Curing
  • The Magic of Preserving
  • Seasonal Fire Cooking

Spaces are limited for each workshop so make sure you book your place