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Salting, drying and smoking our food has been used for centuries as a way of preserving foods such as fish and meat when there was a glut for consumption later. In these modern days of fridges, freezers and year-round availability of produce the need to preserve our food in such a way is less required so the skills of smoking and preserving are not as common as they once were.

To make our smoked bacon and smoked lamb bacon we follow a traditional process of dry curing, not a wet curing process like lots of big manufacturers use. Our process takes around two weeks and as it removes water rather than adding water you will find that when you cook our bacon none of that weird grey water come out into the pan. We use a dry salt rub to cure the meat and turn it everyday for the curing time. We then add our flavourings and again turn it everyday for the flavouring time. Once the meat has been cured and flavoured we hang our meat to dry for several days and then once we are happy that its ready to smoke, we smoke! The smoking process takes several hours and infuses that lovely smoky flavour into the bacon.

Our salt, herbs and chillies are all slowly smoked in the same way although these do not have to be cured first to preserve them during the smoking process.


“A smoking-chimney of the following description and dimensions may be erected at a very trifling expense, and will be found quite sufficient for ordinary purposes. It should be placed in some outhouse or shed, or even in a yard, so that no annoyance may be caused to the inmates of the dwelling, by even the smallest escape of smokeā€

James Robinson

The Whole Art of Curing, Pickling and Smoking Meat and Fish, 1847

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