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As we progressed along our path in creating this artisan smokehouse knew we needed to keep within our ethos of sustainable living (you can read more about our story here). However, this is hard when running a food business and we soon realised we would have to work with the services, technology, and products available to us at the moment!


Here on our homestead, we have a borehole and our very own private water supply which brings us pure water from nearly 100ft below us. When we first moved to the property it was fed by a surface spring and well which we soon discovered would not support a family and a smallholding. So in 2016 with the help of a diviner and the drillers we sunk a borehole and have had beautiful clear water ever since. We are very aware of not living with mains water and very aware, after living for nearly a year with no drinking water available, how precious it is, so we work hard to ensure our water usage is monitored and environmentally friendly. Our water is now a certified Commercial Private Water Supply and has no chlorine or chemicals added as you find in mains water.

Sourcing Locally

We believe in sourcing as many of our supplies as locally as possible and have worked hard to find some really amazing suppliers to provide us with the best of ingredients for our products. We have tried to keep our food miles as small as possible and use local, family run smaller suppliers, to put our money back into local economies and where we know every order makes a difference! If you buy from a small business we really do all do a happy dance with every order – I promise!

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This gave us our biggest headache. We wanted to be as responsible and sustainable as possible but we needed solutions that were safe for raw meat and also airtight for salt and herbs. So we spent literally hours scouring the internet trying to find the answer. We have eliminated most single-use plastic from our processes. However, we have to admit we haven’t eliminated all single-use plastic from our packaging as we have no solution to vac-packing the meat or airtight sealing the salt and chillies – yet!  We have tried to use paper, cardboard, glass, compostable plastics, tins and wool where possible – please either re-use or recycle these as much as you can!

We want all of our bacon to reach you in tip-top condition and part of this was to find a temperature controlled packaging solution which was as sustainable as possible. WoolCool fitted the bill with their range of UK manufactured, wool insulated packaging envelopes.

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